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The tragic death of Alyn Wallace

We’d like to extended our condolences to the family and close friends of world-renowned landscape astro-photographer Alyn Wallace, who passed away so suddenly last week at the age of 34. Our deepest sympathies to his parents Pauline and Ian at this most difficult of times.

It’s quite possible that without Alyn’s influence and intervention we would not have established the Cambrian Mountains Astro Trail in 2019 and subsequently astro-tourism as a new USP for the Cambrian Mountains.

Whilst we worked closely with Allan Trow from Dark Sky Wales to establish the trail and submit the applications for Dark Sky Discovery Site status for six new sites, it was Alyn’s amazing imagery and time-lapse videos that would get the ball rolling on raising the profile of the trail.

We first came across Alyn by accident in the Elan Valley back early in 2017 as he was preparing to head out for a night under the stars. A brief chat that evening was enough as Alyn was focussed on getting out into the Cambrian Mountains landscape to photograph the night sky. We immediately started following him on Instagram and subsequently remained in contact.

In August 2017 we bumped into Alyn again at an event in the Elan Valley Visitor Centre. We had a brief chat with him then too.

As momentum gathered for the Cambrian Mountains Astro Trail in 2018, we submitted the six applications receiving confirmation of their approval in the summer of 2019. In the meantime, we’d starting a productive relationship with Alyn and he put together a compilation video for us promoting the dark skies of the Cambrian Mountains.

Having this video and Alyn’s association with it was a game changer for our work.

Alyn certainly knew what we were trying to do in the Cambrian Mountains. Raise the profile of its dark skies and by doing so educate people about how to protect the night sky by limiting light pollution.

In 2019/20 Alyn helped launch the Cambrian Mountains Astro Trail and attended three events at three of the Dark Sky Discovery Sites. Two of these events were described at the time as ‘star parties’ with local people and visitors attending an evening with Alyn who talked about his night photography experiences to date. They were informative, entertaining and inspirational. And there was always a big cake, which Alyn got to cut for the audience.

We’d like to thank Alyn for his support in establishing the Cambrian Mountains Astro Trail and for all his advice and encouragement in helping us raise the profile of the Cambrian Mountains as a dark sky destination. Many individuals, businesses and communities will have been encouraged to get involved in night-time experiences and all will be now saddened by his untimely death.

With deepest sympathies to all affected by Alyn’s sudden death.

Cwsg mewn hedd Alyn.

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