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Discover Astounding Local Produce from the Cambrian Mountains

It is the Cambrian Mountains unique geology, agricultural history and pastureland which have over generations created the perfect ingredients for creating great food and drink. From the wonderful lamb and beef which graze its flora rich meadows, to the stunning cheeses created with love in its remote upland villages, to the artisanal beers, ciders and gins which are crafted from the region’s natural spring waters. These culinary pleasures are the inspiration not only for local food producers and restaurateurs, but also for the many lovers of food and drink who come to villages from Llanidloes to Lampeter to sample the region’s riches.

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Current 'members' of the Cambrian Mountains Local Produce Network

We have an amazing selection of local producers in and around the Cambrian Mountains including food, drink. craft and other productsFor more info contact us or click on the food, drink or craft icons below or have a browse over the map...

Local Produce Champion Scheme
Visit these outlets and buy local produce. Look out for the branded plaque.


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