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With their dramatic rolling hills and sprawling natural habitats, the Cambrian Mountains, the back bone of Wales to the east of Cardigan Bay, offer a wide range of Welsh history, culture and heritage experiences.

Community spirit thrives and you’ll find a host of choirs and eisteddfodau in most towns and villages. 
Historically, the Cambrian Mountains have been mined for lead, silver and gold by kings, monks and prospectors in search of riches, and the lead mines of Cwmystwyth, which are among the oldest in Europe, are particularly exceptional.

Their grandiose scale and almost apocalyptic appearance make them well worth a visit for those interested in the Cambrian Mountain’s more industrial history and landscape. The Cambrian Mountains are home to Soar y Mynydd, a Calvinist Methodist chapel, and the remotest chapel in Wales. It provides regular services throughout the year. Another significant religious site is Strata Florida Abbey near Pontrhydfendigaid, a 12th century grand medieval abbey where generations of Welsh princes are buried and where you may learn about the Cistercian monks and the dramatic impact they have had on this rural landscape.

A mainstay of Cambrian Mountains rural life is agriculture. Local agricultural shows, sheepdog trials and other country pursuits still thrive. Local agricultural shows are the prefect place to see modern Cambrian Mountains rural life in action as well as the internationally acclaimed Royal Welsh Agricultural Show in Llanelwedd, the biggest agricultural event in Europe and a key date in the Welsh farming calendar.


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