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Be a part of something special.

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Local produce
registration form

By completing this form your are applying to become a member of the

Cambrian Mountains Local Produce Network.

Benefits of the network include:

  • News and media releases

  • Occasional promotion of products on social media

  • Inclusion in the online Cambrian Mountains local produce brochure

  • Introductions to other producers and new markets/outlets

  • Invitation to attend local, regional and national events

  • Use of the Cambrian Mountains brand logo(by signing up to 'the Charter')


All new members are encouraged to use the brand logo and promote the community-inspired brand idea Cambrian Mountains - Area of Astounding Natural Beauty as part of their marketing and promotion.



Once you have applied to join, we'll aim to send you a copy of 'the Charter' so that you can see the expectation with regards provenance etc.

We'll be in touch soon and thank you for your time.

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