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Mae'r llyfryn poced Mynyddoedd Cambrian Mountains yn awr ar gael. Cliciwch ar glawr y llyfryn(i'r chwith) i ddarganfod mwy.

Defnyddiwch y llyfryn i ddarganfod natur, treftadaeth, llwybrau a'r wybren dywyll ym 

 Mynyddoedd Cambrian.




Wybren Dywyll

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Y Cwis/The Quiz


  1. 2468tr/ft/752m. Pumlumon Fawr is the highest peak in the Cambrian Mountains.There are five routes to the summit of Pumlumon Fawr. One of the routes is named after Caradoc Jones, the first Welshman to climb Everest. Sunsets are amazing on the mountain. The summit has a several piles of stone near it known as cairns. 

  2. Pantyfedwen, Pontrhydfendigaid. Caradoc Jones was born in Aberystwyth and is named after the Caradoc Falls that stand close to the old railway line between Tregaron and Aberystwyth. Welsh-speaker Caradoc climbed Everest in 1995  and has travelled the world since, exploring some amazing countries. He lived in Pontrhydfendigaid.

  3. St Bride's Church, Rhayader. Emmeline Lewis-Lloyd was born in the Elan Valley in 1827. Her family lived in the Nantgwyllt manor house that is today under the waters of Caban Coch Reservoir. If you visit the church you'll find an impressive plaque on the wall commemorating Emmeleines alpinist exploits during Victorian times.

  4. Llyn Brianne. Llyn Brianne Dam regulates the River Tywi in mid Wales and impounds water supplies for south Wales. It is of rock fill with a clay core, and believed to be the tallest of its type in Europe and the highest in Britain. At 298 feet it is the tallest dam in the UK.

  5. Nepal. In the 1980s the military deployed a troop of Nepali Ghurkas to protect the birds nests in the Cambrian Mountains. The feared Nepalese fighters were tasked with safeguarding red kite eggs, when the UK's few surviving pairs took refuge in the Cambrian Mountains in the 1980s.

  6. Llanidloes. The 220 mile long River Severn starts its journey from the slopes of Pumlumon Fawr.It heads down through the Hafren Forest before heading north towards Newtown then Shrewsbury. Llanidloes sees the gentle flow of the river pass through the town. The Market Place of the town is a building well worth the visit.

  7. Lead, silver and gold. The north of the Cambrian Mountains is dotted with old lead mines with the occasional silver mine thrown in for good measure. The Dolaucothi Gold Mines, also known as the Ogofau Gold Mine, are ancient Roman surface and underground mines located in the valley of the River Cothi, near Pumsaint, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

  8. Aberystwyth. The first Royal Welsh Show was held in Aberystwyth in 1904. For many years it lived a peripatetic life. The Royal Welsh Show came to Llanelwedd at Builth Wells for the first time on 23 July 1963.  Today it is one of Europe's finest festivals.

  9. Approximately 3000. Pipistrellus pipistrellus known as the Bandit Pipistrelle or the 45 pip, these bats are the most common bats in the county, but not nearly as common as they should be, which is why they are still protected. Each bat can eat over 3000 midges a night, so a lot of householders are quite keen to keep their bats! 

  10. Llanymddyfri/Llandovery. Banc yr Eidion Du, founded by David Jones of Llandovery in 1799.The Main Problem, before the Black Ox Bank, was highwaymen - or, more commonly, muggers.  Anyone in charge of a drove had to carry at least £100 to pay for expenses on the way down to London.

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