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Cambrian Mountains

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Those who know the Cambrian Mountains know what a special area it is.

A place that is both wild and welcoming. A place of beauty and community.

A living place with a fascinating heritage. A place at the heart of a nation, geographically and emotionally.


Now we want more people to hear our story. And what a story it is.

We want you, the people who call the Cambrian Mountains home and the people who live and work here, to help us share that story. That’s why we have created this spirit guide.


It helps everyone to promote the Cambrian Mountains in a way which is both distinctive and coherent.


Welcome to the spirit of the Cambrian Mountains.

Download your copy here:

Media Requests 

If you would like to use ano of the images on this website to promote the Cambrian Mountains, please get in touch with us so that we can send you the best quality image we have.

We'd love to see these images on your websites and social media pages. Please use #cambrianmountains on your social media and you're welcome to use the Cambrian Mountains logo on the homepage of your website.

Hopefully they will one day inspire visitors, new and old to visit the Cambrian Mountains to discover this amazing part of Wales and the UK.

Email Dafydd to request your image today

#staysafe #stayhealthy #staypositive



Our journeys to events, meetings and businesses/communities mean we've seen the Cambrian Mountains in all seasons... and we have stopped and taken photographs of each season too


Our photos have often been taken on a smartphone when we've gone into the

"Stop and pull over!" mode.

We've pulled into laybys more often than Mansel Davies lorry drivers ...

We have added many more to two online galleries.​


Sign Up 

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Sign up to be part of the Cambrian Mountains Food, Drink and Craft project and see your wares on the Cambrian Mountains pages 




To find out more about being part of Cambrian Mountains projects and learn about how you can promote the Cambrian Mountains, please read more in our booklet here 

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