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Twrio in the Cambrian Mountains

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The first of four Twrio events got off to an astounding start on 16th of November with over 150 attendees bringing nearly a 100 historical artefacts connected to the heritage of the Cambrian Mountains.

Held at the Tregaron Heritage Centre, Tregaron, between 2pm and 8pm, Cambrian Mountains people came from far and wide to discover more about this mountainous landscape in central Wales.

On hand to greet the heritage hunters were CUPHAT project officers from Aberystwyth University and Dyfed Archaeology.

Meeting and greeting was the Cambrian Mountains Initiative's Project Manager.

The 6-hour marathon session got off to an amazing start with a harp recital from 13-year old Malen Fish-Jenkins playing traditional Welsh pieces and giving a real sense of place to the appreciative audience.

Then the Indiana Jones phase kicked into action as people from all over the Ceredigion Uplands of the Cambrian Mountains filed continuously through the door with personal family-linked artefacts. All artefacts and objects including old books, maps, agricultural implements, postcards and more were processed and recorded by the CUPHAT staff and with permission, will eventually appear on the People's Collection Wales website.

A big thank you to John and Barbara Watkin who also attended the Twrio event. John was the producer of the S4C TV series Twrio back in 1994, a programme that went out live on Sunday nights part Antiques Roadshow, part live TV auction. The programme certainly inspired this modern-day Twrio event and caught the imagination of local residents once again.

Finally, adding a bit of spice to the day's proceedings were the knowledgeable guest speaker who spoke to captive audiences speaking with passion and confidence. Big thank you to Carys Aldous-Hughes(Ymddiriedolaeth Ystrad Fflur/Strata Florida Trust)

the residents of Cwmystwyth, who talked about their experiences of living in the valley, Cyril Evans(Tregaron Historical Society) and Ioan Rhys Lord(Mid Wales Mine Tours).

We hope everybody enjoyed the premier of the digitised Tregaron Pony Trekking slides and voiceover too.

Watch the Remastered Tregaron Pony Trekking slides PREMIERED on the

night of 16h of November 2022. Slides and voice lost for over 40 years found recently hidden away in dusty cupboards.

Former Tregaron Pony Trekking Guides meet together for the first time in over 40 years at the CUPHAT Twrio event.

  • Eifion Davies

  • Avarinah Davies

  • Eirwen Richards(mentioned in the slide film)

  • Gwen Cutter

  • Kath Davies

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