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Stones and stars project completed as part of a 2023 photography challenge

Cambrian Mountains Initiative's Dafydd Wyn Morgan has completed a marathon night photography challenge, once again, just in the nick of time.

Dafydd's interest in night photography has has allowed him to visit even more astounding places in the Cambrian Mountains.

Whilst some photos have been taken on personal journeys, the majority have coincided with work journeys to meet individuals, businesses and organisations across the mountains range.

"Some of these stones have been placed at these locations over 5000 years ago," said Dafydd as he recalls visiting them after dark.

"I would love to travel back in time and meet those involved with placing and constructing these stone structures." added Dafydd.

Dafydd has been very lucky with this project as he captured some notable night time phenomenon along the way. Images with stones also include the Milky Way galaxy, meteors, the Aurora Borealis, zodiacal light and various constellations and planets.

"After photographing bridges and stars in 2022, and stones and stars in 2023, any ideas for 2024?" asks Dafydd.

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