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Menter Y Mynydd 2024

We have a new project here at the Cambrian Mountains Initiative CIC.

We’d love you to be part of it and benefit from it. It’s a twelve month project so we don’t have much time.



First things first. We have a job opportunity associated with the project. Details of this new job can be found here:


If you’re interested or know of someone who would enjoy working on this with us, please share.




Secondly, the project-Menter Y Mynydd.


It’s funded by the UK government as part of the Levelling Up programme and administered through Growing Mid Wales by Powys County Council. The project will primarily focus on Powys businesses in and near the Cambrian Mountains.


The project aims are:


  1. Build the Cambrian Mountains brand to benefit businesses

  • Working with you, develop a strategic action plan for marketing the Cambrian Mountains

  • Offer support to you on how to make the most of the attributes of the Cambrian Mountains


2. Unlock potential of the Cambrian Mountains for accommodation

  • Accommodation to highlight local heritage, attractions, events and produce with a promotional campaign for participating accommodation


3. Develop the Cambrian Mountains Retail Champions network

  • Create marketing materials that highlight local produce and local retail champions.


4. Grow the Cambrian Mountains Producer and Maker network

  • Opportunity to showcase local produce at a variety of places

  • Introduce new products inspired by the Cambrian Mountains


We hope that you can participate with us during the next twelve months and make the most of this much appreciated funding.


As part of our regenerative tourism way of working we’d really appreciate your input at the beginning of the project so that you stand a greater chance of benefiting from it.


If you would like to be part of the Menter Y Mynydd project this year, please sign up using this quickfire form:





Don’t forget, it’s Cambrian Mountains Day on Februray 28th 2024. A day where you can promote yourselves and your relationship with the mountain range.





Below is the new brand logo for the Cambrian Mountains. If you do place it on your website, please let us know and we’ll showcase that website on our social media in the run up to

February 28th and beyond.


Look forward to collaborating with you in 2024.

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