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Passion for the Cambrian Mountains?

How about becoming a director of this award-winning Community Interest Company.

Making the most of your world-experiences so far you'll join a dedicated team of enthusiastic individuals who believe wholeheartedly in the region known as the Cambrian Mountains - Area of Astounding Natural Beauty.

Here's your chance to help steer an organisation who's worked with individuals, businesses and communities over the last ten years and more. Making the most of various funding streams, focussed on the regenerative approach to community development and prosperity.

We're looking to work on new community-based activities in the near future and your contribution will be vital in ensuring the success of these projects.


Send an email to and we'll send you some further information

and online application form.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

For further background about the Cambrian Mountains initiative CIC's activities, read more of the blogs on this website.

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