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Cambrian Mountains and West Wales Holiday Cottages join forces

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

"A problem shared is a problem halved.

An opportunity shared is a potential doubled."

The Cambrian Mountains Initiative has teamed up with West Wales Holiday Cottages to help raise the profile of holiday accommodation in the Cambrian Mountains.

West Wales Holiday Cottages will soon launch a new website, however visiting provides you with an astounding choice of holiday cottages, dotted across the Cambrian Mountains landscape.

The Cambrian Mountains Initiative is keen to work with West Wales Holiday Cottages property owners to raise the profile of this amazing mountain range and all it has to offer. Making the most of the community-created brand idea Area of Astounding Natural Beauty will feature too.

The "Wales, by Trails" Visit Wales themed year offers so many opportunities for Cambrian Mountains accommodation providers," says Dafydd Wyn Morgan for the Cambrian Mountains Initiative.

"There are so many trails to choose from here, and the newest trail, The Cambrian Mountains Astro Trail, provides local communities and visitors the rare opportunity of seeing a sky full of stars".

"We're pleased to have this opportunity to work with the Cambrian Mountains Initiative on some innovative projects this year." said Helen Hughes, Marketing Manager at West Wales Holiday Cottages.

"We have over fifty properties in the Cambrian Mountains and our property owners are through and through mountain people. They are passionate and energetic and know where the best places to visit are too", added Helen.

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