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Cambrian Mountains accommodation embrace Astounding brand idea

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Cambrian Mountains accommodation providers have embraced the brand idea of Area of Astounding Natural Beauty as part of their own marketing and promotion.

The brand idea was created in 2021/22 during a period of community-based consultation between local individuals, businesses and community groups and captures the essence of the Cambrian Mountains of Wales.

It forms a part of The Spirit of the Cambrian Mountains: A Guide to Branding and Marketing document created by Roger Pride of Heavenly, previously Director of Marketing at the Wales Tourist Board, who was commissioned by the Cambrian Mountains Initiative CIC in 2021 to undertake the branding exercise.

It is hoped now that the brand idea will be of benefit to all communities and businesses in the Cambrian Mountains and that they promote the concept of Astounding far and wide.

"It's important to be different and and having this fresh 'brand idea' is something we want to make the most of," said Menna Lewis Griffiths of Cambrian Mountains Glamping and Camping in Llanddewi Brefi, Ceredigion.

"We love the fact that this brand idea is something you can trust and believe in as the Cambrian Mountains really is and astounding place to live and work in, " added Tanya and Duncan from Cambrian Escapes in Cilycwm Carmarthenshire

"When we take guests out on the mountain bikes they often say 'wow' when they see the landscape. The Cambrian Mountains encapsulates wow and astounding at the same time," said Phill of Mountain Bike Wales based at The Lodge Staylittle, Powys.

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